Best Gift Ideas for Out-of- State Friends and Family

Best Gift Ideas for Out-of- State Friends and FamilyWith the holiday season approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gift giving. Depending on your family size and your spending budget, you might have a lot of people on your gift list. The first thing to do is to prioritize your list into the people you most want to buy presents for; then divide your list into people who live locally and those who live out-of-state. Start planning for the out-of-state friends and family since you’ll need extra time for shipping. Another important key is choosing what types of presents to ship, since some choices may not be practical to ship. Here’s a list of great gifts to ship for far away friends and family.

If you want to save on shipping price, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a favorite store. You can choose a national brand store that’s in your friend’s neighborhood, or look for specialty shops online that offer gift card purchases. If you’re worried about picking a favorite store, buy a Visa gift card, which can be used anywhere.

Sweet treats and desserts are a holiday favorite for gift giving. Even the most fit, health-conscious family members enjoy an occasional treat or sugar free candy. Don’t buy a box of chocolates at your grocery store and stick it in the mail. You’d hate for your friend to receive a huge, melted blob of what used to be gourmet chocolate truffles. See’s Candies has you covered. It offers chocolate, lollipops, holiday sweets that you’re sure to find something perfect for your family and maybe an extra box for yourself. If shipping during warm months of April to mid-October, See’s uses a special container to keep the treats from heat sensitivity during shipping.

Magazine subscriptions are another great gift idea. There are magazines on virtually every topic under the sun. Many people love magazines but don’t want to buy it at a higher individual price. Or some people may decide to skip their subscription because of budget restrictions. You could buy an annual subscription to their favorite magazine, and every time the new magazine arrives in the mailbox, they’ll think of you.

Another idea is to skip buying a physical gift and buy an entertainment or experience-related gift. While presents are always a nice holiday surprise, the most memorable ones are those that offer an experience. Think of buying a package to a place they would most enjoy spending time, such as a theme park, a zoo, an art museum, season game tickets, season theatre tickets, or a plane ticket to visit family.