Improved Sight – A Present Like No Other

lasik-surgeryHow many of your family members or friends wear glasses or contact lenses?  Take a moment and make yourself a list.  Then take another minute and think of how many have had their vision recently checked, or have obtained new vision aids – glasses, contacts, bifocals or even surgery – over the past 12 months.  I can bet that you will probably come up with at least five names, and probably a good many of those names are persons very close to you…either parents, spouse, children, sibling, or dear friends. The fact is, more than half of the world population today has some form of visual imperfection that requires corrective assistance of one type or another.  And unfortunately, many of us either lack insurance or financial means to cover the expense of the examination or the treatment.  Recent investigative research has also shown that many aspects of the production of corrective visual equipment – eyeglass frames are one case in point – have been monopolized in such a way as to fix the price of products at artificially high levels.  Yet, our lives and society are greatly dependent upon having good vision – of our five senses we may agree that sight is one of the most essential to our daily existence.

So when a Groupon offers special rates on everything from sight examinations to new prescription glasses to full LASIK surgery, it is time for one to sit up and take notice.  Right now you can get custom LASIK surgery performed for $899, nearly 43% off of the list price.  And this surgery can improve one’s vision and reduce the need for corrective lenses.

But Groupons are also available for eye exams and major price reductions on the cost of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.  These deals include frames by noted makers like Gucci and Ray-Ban, as well as other popular designs.  Another offer from Groupon will enable the buyer to order prescription glasses online, eliminating the expense of travel to and from the optical shop.  You merely have your eye doctor transmit the prescription to the online optician along with your selected choice of frame.  Online eyeglass retailers assure you of the most stylish frames for prescription glasses and sunglasses at rates that are from $50 to $100 off of their list prices.  And, of course there are great deals on reading glasses as well as various styles of sunglasses.

Why do I refer to these as presents?  Well, with the holiday season upon us, how many persons do you know who might appreciate receiving a Groupon that would reduce the expense of obtaining a new set of eyewear?  If you can provide good sight as a present, you might be giving someone you care for a present they will be wearing all year.  And you will truly see their gratitude and appreciation in their eyes every day.